Wood & Waves, A Farm Haus Exhibition Featuring: Jianca Lazarus / Tim Leopold / Matt Paul / by Christopher Labzda

Photo: Matt Paul 

Photo: Matt Paul 

Wood & Waves is an exhibition of pleasing and meditative oceanic photography surrounded in hand crafted wood frames. Farmhaus has built frames complementary to the 18 images brought to us by 3 amazing Photographers. Our goal is to combine our love of the ocean along with our love for great design and to showcase the two side by side here in Philadelphia.  These collaborative pieces will be available for purchase in varying sizes & additions. 

Join us for a night of art and good times in the Farmhaus showroom 2137 N American st.  (Entrance is out back through the flower garden on Phillip St). Doors open at 5:00PM Thursday October 5th.


Matt Paul

is from the East Coast of the United States, where he was introduced to the ocean and surf culture at an early age. He attended both Wake Forest and Lehigh University and graduated with honors from 2000-2004. After school Matt lived in Hawaii documenting life on the many Islands. He has spent at least part of every winter since then in Hawaii and has lived and worked out of countries all over the world. He used his "home office" working as a consultant from 2005-2012 to chase swells around the world between conference calls and project deadlines. In 2012 Matt took the leap, dedicating full-time to his visual career. Since he has worked on a variety of brand and broadcast projects. He has produced work in the realm of fashion, lifestyle, surf and journalism.

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Tim Leopold

New Jersey native. Photographer, surfer, wanderer, and story teller. 

Tim's photographs explore what he sees when he is in and around the ocean; it's altering moods, moving water, breaking surf, colors and light.


Jianca Lazarus

Born in Johannesburg and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Jianca Lazarus learned to surf at Glen Beach and picked up her first camera at 16. She combined the two at her home breaks, but also on adventures to Kommetjie and J-Bay - because any surf trip in South Africa is an adventure. South Africa was wild enough, but wanting further adventures, Jianca packed up moved to New York City when she was 17. Fresh out of high school and fresh off the boat, a girl with a funny accent in the big city, Jianca found work in the production side of the Film and Event industry in NYC.

Jianca landed like a leopard in New York, finding her feet pretty quickly and working on the production side of music events like The Village Voice Siren Music festival, and also numerous TV commercials and music videos. Established in New York and with plans to travel and shoot, Jianca chose to completely focus on shooting photography professionally in 2007.

With four group shows and Three solo shows under her belt, she now roams the world like a bedouin photographer, dividing her time between New York, Hawaii, along with quick trips to El Salvador and wherever else catches her fancy. Raised in the split culture of South Africa, Jianca is fascinated by the world's cultures on land and at sea, from deep water surfing in El Zonte to the dusty colorful streets in the township of Guguletu. Being a complete free spirit self- taught she captures vibrant dynamic use of color and the truth no matter how bad or good it can be and shows with clarity facets of life that the world often regard with blind eyes.

Jianca is also co-founder of the non-profit organization Changing Tides Foundation. For more information on CTF please check out the website www.Changingtidesfoundation.ORG