Happy New Year from Headland Collective / by HEADLAND

…Somewhere in Jersey
The Wave of the Winter Awaits

NJ Keg Hunter is a new kind of event designed to celebrate the uniqueness of the New Jersey surf scene in the modern age. With massive swells that are here today and gone tomorrow, the time for a contest that can capture these moments and reward those surfers willing to take the plunge on the steepest, deepest Jersey kegs is here. Keg Hunter is an online contest that requires surfers to submit a video of an individual wave ridden during the course of the prime surf season in New Jersey and is brought to you by Last Wave Brewing Co.

The difference is, the people decide who takes the crown. We’ll host a party at the Asbury Lanes in April 2019 to showcase the best video submissions from the contest and celebrate the NJ surf community as a whole. The people in attendance will select the first ever NJ Keg Master—who will be awarded a Golden Keg trophy, $2,000 in cold, hard cash, and the chance to have their own beer made at Last Wave Brewing Co. The bar rises each year for surfing in New Jersey and it’s time to recognize and reward the men and women who are pushing the limits here on the east coast.


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